We finished this project satisfied with our mission

Also, we celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8

“Support and prevention Domestic Violence”

We gave away bags containing personal items to all the women suffering from domestic violence who are in different refuges. We are thankful for Salvation Army in Tampa FL, for hosting for us and we would be happy to have them join us with other refuges next year.

Bullying, harassment, and social sites!

In addition, we went to speak about bullying at Bellamy Elementary School and Wimauma Elementary, a thank you to them for hosting as well and looking forward to visiting more schools next year.

Special recognition to our sponsors:

Hope, with love, support, and prevention”. The aim of the new project is to aid and provide support to women who have experienced the trauma of domestic abuse.

We appreciate your support with your monetary donations for purchasing bags and necessary personal items for women, these bags will be given to women in need recovering from situations of domestic abuse.

Miss Latina Tampa

Miss Latina Tampa Corp is a non-profit organization (501C3) with the unique purpose of supporting Latin American female youth in the Tampa Bay area, with focused programs to reinforce their self-esteem and confidence. This program is based on the foundational principles of a positive self-image, natural internal beauty, and their own skills. Our program specifically identifies the significance of cultural ethnicity to the development of character and sense of self. Language and cultural traditions form part of the web that makes a person who she or he is, and it is important to recognize, emphasize, and understand that fact. We have been working in Tampa Bay since 2015

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